AABR Drop-In Center

Drop-in Center

AABR operates a “Drop-in Center” with the goal of achieving the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.

Drop-In CenterOne of AABR’s newest and most innovative programs is the Drop-In Center. It’s a place where individuals can go to “hang out” with their peers after work or program. Just as you and I may go to a restaurant, bar or coffee shop to meet up with friends, they too wanted an alternative place to socialize, learn and relax.

The idea for the Drop-In Center came from the individuals themselves in one of their Self-Advocacy group discussions. AABR management and staff heard their earnest request and worked to make it happen.

Located in College Point, Queens, the center is open Thursday and Friday nights, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Under the guidance of certified counselors, the program offers recreational activities, group discussions and peer counseling. Information sessions are also given on such topics as self-advocacy, voting rights and current events. An evening meal is provided, along with transportation to and from the center.

The Center operates in a setting that facilities opportunities to socialize, develop friendships, and participate in recreation activities with peers and community friends.

In addition, the Center hosts information sessions on topics such as “self-advocacy,” “voting rights” and safe sexual practices.  It also offers opportunities for peer counseling and group discussions.