Pre-Vocational Training

As part of our Adult Day Program, AABR provides Pre-Vocational Training and Supportive Employment, giving our consumers a chance to work and earn money. One of our highest goals is to help our consumers live as normal a life as possible. We believe this includes having a job.

Our Pre-Vocational Training is a five-level program. In a classroom setting or at a volunteer site, consumers are taught the necessary skills for job placement. As their competency increases, training moves to a worksite. At each step, consumers work for longer periods of time, both supervised as well as independently, with the ultimate goal of earning a competitive wage.

During Supportive Employment, AABR provides support in the areas of coaching, counseling, budgeting, community travel and securing benefits.

Worksites include: Job positions held: 

Soup kitchens

Thrift stores

Public libraries

Grocery stores

Fast food restaurants

Nursing homes


Retail stores


Office Worker

Nurse’s Aide

Cook’s Assistant

Janitor’s Helper

Delivery Person

Maintenance Associate