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To Our Generous Supporters:

The oldest person we serve at AABR is 83. In our homes, the average age is 52. Twenty years ago, people with disabilities weren't living into their 60 and 70s. Now, late age health issues that confront the general population confront us. This includes heart conditions.

For instance, Nelsi, a pseudonym, who lives in one of our residences, has congenital heart disease and congestive heart failure. She has a pace maker, Raynaud's Disease, pulmonary hypertension, asthma and carries around an oxygen tank so she can breathe. Nelsi is just one of the many individuals we serve who live with a heart condition, heart ailment, or chronic heart disease.

This year, according to HeartFoundation.org, 920,000+ Americans will have a heart attack; 250,000 will die because they didn't receive swift attention. One-half of the victims are 65 years or older.

These statistics suggest that someone under our care will experience a heart attack. While all AABR staff is trained in CPR, this lifesaving skill only buys time. Every minute a heart stops beating, survival drops by about 10%. Using a defibrillator within 3 minutes increases a person's chance of living by 70%.

We, at AABR, like to be prepared, and we need to secure defibrillators for each of our 26 residences and Day Habilitation programs. Defibrillators cost about $1,000 or more each. Our goal is to secure funding in order to provide that extra layer of protection for some of our more vulnerable individuals. But we need your help to achieve that goal.

AABR prides itself on providing the exceptional services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Whether it is in our 23 residences, 3 day services programs, our family services in the community and at our school, we stay true to our mission that each person be afforded the opportunity to live a life of distinction, a life of meaning in their own eyes. Our supporters are the reason why we are able to provide exceptional services and support every person, regardless of their needs or challenges.


Please help us to become one of the first agencies in the New York State to have defibrillators in all of our homes and programs. The people we serve deserve every chance we can give them and we can do it with your help.

Thank you


Thomas McAlvanah

Executive Director