In 1956, six courageous parents joined together to establish AABR. At that time, people with special needs were hidden away in institutions and defined more by their disabilities than abilities. The founders of AABR wanted more for their children—schools, services, a life of opportunities and choices. We are proud to say that their vision, resolve and spirit continue in our agency today. 

AABR is committed to charting new courses in services for the developmentally disabled.  In 1966, we founded one of the first schools in New York City for blind and severely intellectually disabled children. In 1974, we pioneered the first long-term residence in St. Albans, Queens. Since then, we have grown to become an agency with over thirty programs, ranging from residential facilities to thrift stores run for and by individuals with disabilities to the New York Child Learning Institute, a school for children with autism.

Our dedicated staff encourages the people we serve to explore their strengths, talents and abilities, enabling them to achieve their highest potential and to develop social interactions with their peers. Each and every day, we do all that we can to fulfill our mission: “May each life find meaning.”

As we look forward to tomorrow, we continue to build on the principles our founders worked so earnestly to create. AABR promotes independence, inclusion and individuality for people with disabilities. On behalf of our Board of Directors, we applaud those we serve and all who make our work possible.