AABR runs and maintains residential facilities throughout New York City and Long Island. Our neighbors often say, “You have the best-kept house on the block.” We do our best to be good neighbors by taking pride in the upkeep of our homes, but what happens inside is what’s most important.


For our consumers, it’s a place they call “home sweet home,” where they live with their family of friends, enjoy home cooked meals and socialize together. With the assistance of staff, they share in household chores, prepare their meals and help with the laundry.


If you visit one of our residences, you might not find our ladies and gentlemen there.  They are frequently out becoming integrated in their communities, shopping, going to the movies, taking walks or attending religious services. They live life to the fullest.

Program Highlights:

  • Twenty-four hour staff supervision
  • Weekly staff meeting to discuss consumer goals and progress in the areas of personal hygiene, social milestones, daily living skills and behavior modification