Founded in 1994 as a non-public school for children with autism, The New York Child Learning Institute (NYCLI) is now recognized as a preeminent school in New York State.

New York Child Learning InstituteModeled after the Princeton Child Development Institute, NYCLI has been well-documented to produce educational and treatment gains that enable many of our learners to acquire language, social and academic skills comparable to their peers.

Our parents know NYCLI as a place of positive transformation. Young learners arrive isolated and locked in their own world and later graduate talking, engaging and sharing their personalities.

Our instructors design and implement specific programs tailored to each child’s interests and goals. Instruction reflects current research and teaching methodologies and is presented in intensive one-on-one sessions interspersed with small group activities.

The staff also works with parents so that skills learned at school are reinforced at home, making them permanent features of our learners’ repertoire.

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