Adult Day Program

Adult Day Program

The Adult Day Program offers an environment that maximizes the individual’s capability of developing a lifestyle of productivity, education, leisure and empowerment.

Adult Day ProgramThe Adult Day Program also maximizes the individual’s participation in the local community through work, its “give back program” of volunteerism and community service, operating agency sponsored stores and participating in community shopping and inclusion.  At the same time, the program offers a full in-house program of continued academics, self-care, physical fitness, vocational training, domestics, social and leisure time activities to address the identified needs of the individuals.

The time spent volunteering or working in the community can run from eighty to twenty percent of the individual’s program time.  For example, an individual may choose to work in a nursing home for the greater portion of the day but spend part of the day at the program site working out in the gym, practicing singing in the music room, or completing their latest creation in the ceramics program or woodworking shop.

Like any school, our Adult Day Program focuses on education and training. Where we differ from typical educational institutions is in how we divide up the day: half is spent on-site in traditional classroom settings; the other half takes place at a work or volunteer site.

We provide day habilitation services and instruction in cognitive development, independent living, speech and language therapy, self-care, travel and money management. We also offer recreational classes in singing, ceramics, photography, woodworking, dance, fine arts and physical fitness.

Program Highlights:

  • Person centered planning designed around individual interests and aims
  • Daily evaluation of objectives and outcomes
  • Four learning modules: novice, journeyman, apprentice and master, each offering different levels of activities and training

Wellington Hall
125-18 Rockaway Blvd.
South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Weldon Hall (St. Pascal’s)
112-33 199th Street
St. Albans,  NY  11412