AABR Fact Sheet

How AABR Empowers

Since AABR’s founding over 60 years ago, we have strived to give every life meaning through a series of innovative programs, including:

Adult Day Program – Personalized to meet each need and achieve every goal.

  • AABR offers varying levels of activities and skills training for each individual.
  • Planned, personalized objectives that foster beneficial outcomes.

Residential Program: 24/7 in-home care in a supportive, nurturing environment.

  • Individuals get to live in a household environment and learn to socialize.
  • Unique strategies that prioritize social milestones, personal hygiene habits, daily living skills, and more.

Pathways to Employment: On-the-job training to create economic independence.

  • A comprehensive program where individuals are taught the necessary and relevant skills for job placement.
  • Gives the chance for individuals to work within offices, libraries, stores, or restaurants, and more.

New York Child Learning Institute (NYCLI): A pioneering school for children with autism.

  • Utilizes proven methods to produce educational and treatment gains.
  • Learners acquire language, social, and academic skills that are often comparable to peers. Some NYCLI students graduate to typical schools.
  • Instruction reflects cutting-edge research and teaching methodologies; all presented in intensive one-on-one sessions interspersed with small group activities.