Pathways to Employment Program

Pathways to Employment

Pathways to Employment is a vocational training and supportive employment program that gives individuals a chance to work and earn money. One of our highest goals is to help our individuals live as normal a life as possible. We believe this includes having a job.

Pathways to Employment ProgramPathways to Employment is a five-level program. In a classroom setting or at a volunteer site, individuals are taught the necessary skills for job placement. As their competency increases, training moves to a worksite. At each step, consumers work for longer periods of time, both supervised as well as independently, with the ultimate goal of earning a competitive wage.

During Supportive Employment, AABR provides support in the areas of coaching, counseling, budgeting, community travel and securing benefits.

Our “work readiness” evaluation measures areas such as ability to attend to task, ability to follow direction, ability to follow a schedule, as well as the absence of behaviors deemed unacceptable. In addition, the individual has the opportunity to define vocational goals for themselves. Goal areas include the vocational area they would like to pursue, such as food service, retail or maintenance.

AABR’s newest program includes an adult program designed to facilitate the growth of individuals with autism by participating in meaningful activities within the context of a “whole person” life plan.

The environment is highly structured through the use of the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis.  While actively participating in the local community the individuals are being prepared for the adult world of work.

Worksites include: Job positions held: 
Soup kitchens

Thrift stores

Public libraries

Grocery stores

Fast food restaurants

Nursing homes


Retail stores


Office Worker

Nurse’s Aide

Cook’s Assistant

Janitor’s Helper

Delivery Person

Maintenance Associate