Annual Campaign 2023

As we embark on a new year filled with hope and promise, we are excited to launch AABR’s 2023 Annual Campaign to benefit our new Move & Create program.  This program expands our commitment to enhance the lives of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities through transformative arts and movement-based classes to nourish the body, mind, and soul. 

After enduring years of stagnation and isolation, we are committed to revitalizing our individuals’ spirits through dynamic programs that promote creativity, self-expression, and overall well-being.

Your support is crucial in realizing our vision of offering arts, music, dance, yoga, and photography programs on a regular basis. Your generosity will directly fund expert instructors, essential supplies, and the necessary equipment, including cameras, printers, art supplies, yoga mats, and more.

Here’s how your contribution can make a lasting impact:

  • Expert Instructors: Your donation will enable us to engage skilled instructors who specialize in adapting their teaching methods to meet the unique needs of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.
  • Supplies and Equipment: The funds raised will go towards acquiring the tools and equipment necessary for a diverse range of programs, from musical instruments and art supplies to yoga mats and photography equipment.
  • Regular Program Attendance: With your support, we can establish consistent schedules for these programs, providing our individuals with a reliable source of joy, stimulation, and personal growth.

Your contribution to AABR’s 2023 Move & Create Campaign will play a pivotal role in revitalizing lives and fostering a sense of community and belonging.

To make your tax-deductible donation and be a part of this transformative journey, please Donate Now or contact us directly at 718-321-3800 to discuss other giving options.

Thank you for being an essential partner in our mission to create a world where every individual, regardless of ability, can flourish and thrive through the power of arts and movement.

Together, let’s move and create a brighter future for all.

Warm regards,

Libby Traynor