In Memoriam – Dawn Pomilio

Dawn Marie Pomilio was born on April 27, 1967, in Queens, New York, to the union of Anthony and Joan “Doreen” Pomilio. Dawn was the youngest of three children. She was a breath of Fresh air to both her parents, who showered her with unconditional love. Dawn was a very friendly woman who lit up a room with her bright smile and beautiful warm blue eyes.

At the age of seven, Dawn was enrolled in a special education program at PS 63 until the age of 21. In July 2996, up until her demise, she was enrolled as a participant at the AABR St. Pascal’s Day Program in Queens, where she was engaged in music, art, and ceramics woodshop, and fitness.

In December of 2006 Dawn became a resident at one of AABR’s facilities known as the Shebitz Residence, where she lived for over 14 years with her sister Teresa and six other housemates, to which they shared a mutual affection. Dawn and her sister Terresa both shared a bedroom together and were very close. They looked out for each other. On many occasions, Teresa would simply walk over and give Dawn a huge and a kiss. Their love for each other was unquestionable. Dawn enjoyed listening to music, preferably by Elton John and Billy Joel. She also enjoyed watching cartoons. Dawn shared great times with her peers and staff celebrating birthdays and special events. She enjoyed getting her hair done, dressing up, and going out into the community. Once in the community, she displayed pleasantry and would greet a few passersby. Once she is in a great mood and would tell them, they’re beautiful every day.”

Over the time that she was a resident, she enjoyed continual weekly visits from her parents, who always remained loyal and by her side until the very end. Dawn knew that she was greatly loved by her parents, siblings, peers, and staff, and she would tell each one of us, “I love you too, give me a kiss.” Dawn also enjoyed the staff singing the Happy Birthday song to her and loved singing along.

On the evening of September 15, 2020, Dawn departed us to be with her heavenly father. She is survived by her parents, her sister Teresa, her brother Mark, and a host of close family and friends.

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