In Memoriam – Edul Jabbar

A friend and longtime member of the Wellington Hall Maintenance staff, Edul had been a member of the AABR Family since October of 2006. He was a proud husband and father of two sons and spoke of their accomplishments continually. At Wellington Hall, he was a great colleague who was on top of it all, and at the annual Dinner Dance, you could always find him wearing his best suit, gold watch, rings, and his many gold chains. Ebdul will be very dearly missed. 

Condolences and Remembrances

I worked with Edul in 2014 at AABR Inc. Wellington Hall with the lovely students at the day program for work readiness.  He showed me compassion and love comes first; With that direction and guidance my colleagues in work readiness did the job the best way we can which is together so all the individuals can appreciate and have a smile at the end of the day.  The best memory I had of Edul is how he came inside the classroom one day in the second floor of work readiness and handed over to me paper towels and cleaning spray to clean the desks and windows normally he would do it, he saw I took the initiative and said do it this way and he would later clean after that I had tried with the help of one of our student Courtney and Yvonne.  Edul told them to listen to Mr. Peterson you see he is cleaning with you guys…, respect and honor to him and I hope his family knows that he was a great man to all of us at the program and that he will not only be missed but his memory will help the other individuals and students and staff appreciate life first and take everything for what its worth 🙂
– Peterson Charles-Marc

The team at Wellington Hall will forever have a void from the untimely passing of Edul, our friend and colleague. Edul will sorely be missed. He was a man of integrity, compassion, warmth, and loyality that would go out on a limb for anyone with no hesitation. In the almost 14 years that I worked with Edul he was a wonderful support to all the individuals and staff!!! When I walk into the program, I expect to see Edul turning the corner with his beautiful smile which would brighten my day immediately.

I will forever cherish my many wonderful memories with Edul and hold them dear to my heart. 

My deepest condolences to Edul’s family at this very emotional time!! It was a pleasure to work with him and he will never be forgotten!!! His legacy will live on forever through all of us. 
– Michele Danowitz

We will miss him dearly as he was such a genuine person who always wore a smile and made us laugh. We pray for his family and for their safety as well.
– With Love from CHANCES and Thrift Shop

I was so shocked and saddened yesterday by the news of Edul’s passing. I kept picturing his big smile or thinking of the many times he helped me work on a wheelchair or lend a tool. He was so generous and kind! I loved seeing him everytime I went to Wellington Hall, there was a genuine gentleness and joy. My prayers and sympathy go out to his family and friends. May we continue in his steps to share peace and love like he so generously gave. Be safe and well, God bless.
– Laurie Bosworth and family

You will be missed RIP
-Sandra Kahn

So sorry to hear of his passing.  He was a very kind, wonderful person and was always willing to drop whatever he was doing to help someone.  My condolences to his family.  They are in my prayers.
– Sonia Bhanot-Aguilar

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