Executive Director

Libby Traynor, LCSW
AABR Executive Director

Having just commenced her current role on January 21st, 2020 and with AABR being one of the first NYC organization in its industry to have an individual test positive for the Coronavirus, nearly her entire tenure in this position has been spent on the front lines battling the Coronavirus and, in the process, laying a roadmap for other organizations to follow. In doing so, she has been a leader not just for AABR, but for Developmental Disability providers across the city, state, and country by leading virtual seminars and sharing her experiences with other providers in similar roles. Her efforts have led to one Executive Director publicly stating that her distribution of knowledge helped save the lives of at least two people in their care. At AABR, her calm yet firm leadership has guided the organization through the most challenging time in its nearly 65-year history.

Before accepting her role at AABR, Libby had a distinguished career serving in senior management capacities in mental health and related fields. She led and oversaw the administration, operational and fiscal performance of the Behavioral Health Department across 21 locations as the Assistant Vice President of Richmond University Medical Center. Prior to this, Libby worked for over 20 years at Staten Island Mental Health Society and led staff in Developmental Disability, Mental Health, and Substance licensed programs that delivered 165,000 services to 5,000 children and adults annually.

Libby earned her bachelor’s degree from Marquette University and obtained her Masters of Social Work (MSW) from New York University.