In Memoriam – George Koslab

George has been a member of the AABR family since August 6, 2006. The staff at Richmond Hill will remember how he loved the ladies and the great interest he had in electronics, especially radios. He was an avid music lover and enjoyed listening to rock and roll on the radio. George had a fascination with watches and had a fabulous collection. He often gave compliments to others on their watches while comparing his with theirs. You could always find him in NY Giants gear, his favorite sports team. He will be truly missed by all of the staff but especially the ladies.

Please keep his sister, Ann Lewicky, along with his host of family members and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Condolences and Remembrances

Georgie, wishing you a Happy 71st Birthday in heaven with a very heavy heart. Today as I memorialize you in my thoughts, I miss you so much.  You always made me smile with the questions that you asked me every morning.  “How is Steve, is Steve at school, what school does Steve go to?”  Then you would end it by saying “you want to adopt me?”  My response was always, “Georgie, you are too old you could be my grandpa” and you would just laugh.  How I miss those mornings along with a big wet kiss on my cheek.  I miss you so much.  May your soul rest in peace.
-Wendy and Steve

George was a gentle soul and I will forever cherish our many memories together particularly when we compared our watches. George would often ask me if I could adopt him. I will remember his beautiful smile and laugh when we shared happy moments together. George loved having his picture taken at The Harvest Ball with his many beaded necklaces. He looked sharp and quite dapper in his black tuxedo.

My deepest condolences and sympathy to his sister and his Richmond Hill family!!
– Michele Danowitz

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