Nurse Appreciation Week

Dear AABR Community:

They say good deeds should be done for the intention, not the attention. This may be true sometimes, however, if it were up to me, everyone in the world would know about the AABR nurses. They may never ask for it, but they deserve all of the attention and admiration in the world for the work they’ve done during this pandemic.

This week, May 6th-12th, is National Nurses Week and 2020 has also been appropriately declared “The Year of the Nurse” by the American Nurses Association. AABR stands with organizations across the city, state, and the country in saluting the selfless work of our nurses.

It’s become cliché to say, “not all heroes wear capes.” Our nurses certainly don’t, but maybe they should. They should at least wear something that informs the world around them just how extraordinary they are. When our nurses walk down the street, everyone should know who they are and the incredible work they do. You won’t find these superheroes in comic books or movies; you’ll find them with our individuals in our residences because AABR’s superheroes are real, and they save real lives. You won’t see them leaping over buildings, but you will find them running towards danger to help others. They aren’t bulletproof or impervious to pain, but that won’t stop them from caring for an individual with COVID-19.

At AABR we can assure you the work of our nurses will never be overlooked. Their hearts, kindness, and bravery have helped guide us through the most challenging time we have ever faced. When most of the country was told to work from home, they couldn’t, because they are the definition of essential. They worked through the uncertainty, battled long hours away from loved ones, and sacrificed their own health for our individuals. They cared for our sick; they kept others healthy.

To the phenomenal nurses of AABR, on behalf of the Board of Directors, our staff, and individuals, I thank you for being heroes.

Libby Traynor, LCSW
Executive Director

The Individuals have been hard at work creating thank you cards for our incredible nurses!

A Special Thank You Message from Wellington Hall