In Memoriam – Wendy Widelock

Wendy Widelock, lived at Posner-Rosen/IRA had been part of AABR since June 1970. The staff at Posner-Rosen will remember how she greeted others when they entered a room with that low, rough voice, “good day ma’am/sir,” and how she enjoyed her pamper days going to the nail/hair salons. She enjoyed listening to music and singing along to the songs. Although she was blind she loved going to the movies and knew everything that was going on. She was a person that whenever you would walk into her residence, she would greet you. We are going to deeply miss those greetings and her humorous conversations.

Please keep her mother, Gloria Widelock, sister Judy, niece Amy, and her host of relatives and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Condolences and Remembrances

It’s hard to say goodbye to your younger sister.  For most of her life, Wendy was a gentle, loving person, a sister who asked nothing from me.  She loved Broadway music, food, hugs, and people. She didn’t like dogs nor soda.  Our parents worked to educate her to her potential. They worked tirelessly to help build the first group home in the AABR network. We thank AABR for providing Wendy with a secure and caring environment for almost 50 years.
– Judy Silberman

Thank you to AABR for taking beautiful care of my Aunt Wendy for so many decades.  The words above are a comfort.  Wendy was one of the happiest persons I have ever known, she never complained, and she brought joy to many.  I love picturing her sitting on the back porch of Linden Ladies, or enjoying spaghetti and meatballs at the dining room table.  She will be missed. 
– Amy

I will forever remember Wendy and her smile! She taught me how to respond with “fine and dandy” when asked how she was doing. No matter what the day looked like or how she was feeling, this is how she answered. I am so grateful to have known Wendy and was honored to have been a part of her joy-filled life. My deepest sympathies to her family.
– With sincere condolences, Laurie Bosworth

My deepest condolences to Wendy’s family and the staff at Posner-Rosen residence. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. 
– Michele Danowitz

Wendy RIP as you always said “everything is fine and dandy “ Our deepest condolences to the family and AABR staff.
– Sandra Khan

My deepest condolences to Wendy’s family and her AABR family.  She was a very bubbly personality and brought a smile on a person’s face when she greeted them. She will always be in our hearts.   
– Sonia Bhanot-Aguilar, MA

I am so so sorry for the loss of Wendy and am thinking of all of you. I would have loved to have met her/I’m sure she was as wonderful as your whole family️. Send lots of love and hugs.
– Susie Wallace

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