Music Wish List

We have a music program in two of our Day Habilitation programs, and our individuals love, love, love (did we say love?) to play on the drums or on any percussion instrument really. The music teacher has asked if we can find donations for mostly percussion instruments, but also a guitar, keyboard and assorted other helpful items. However, a drum set leads the list of items requested!

You can help our individuals by giving towards an item or by purchasing a whole item yourself! Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.


1. Drum Set - Purchased by Julia R. Cohen!  



2. Acoustic Guitar - Purchased by Dina Rodriguez! 2nd Guitar Donated by John Frank



3. Electric Keyboard


Contribute Towards Keyboard

4. Assorted Other Musical Items

Please note that if you want to purchase more than 1 of an item (i.e. 5 Maracas) you can adjust quantity on the following page after selecting add to cart.

Tambourine and 2 Maracas purchased by Debbie Van Cura! 

- Bongo Drums purchased by Nora and Danny!

- Tambourine and Bongo Drums purchased by Aristea Psaras!

- Bongo Drums purchased by Jack Rosenthal, who also donated to help get our piano's retuned!

sherrhythem debbiepurc debbietam micstand bongonoradan
sherrhythem debbiepurc aristeatamborine micstand aristeabongos
sherrhythem sheridanmara shertam micstand jackrosenthal

Additional Musical Items