Annual Appeal 2015


Dear Friend and Supporter,

While the weather has been slow to turn, the holiday season is here and the storm of advertisements is surely in full swing.  From decorations, jewelry, tools for dad, to the end of the season car sales and clothing, we’re receiving the usual come-ons and sales pitches. This year I’ve paid close attention to those ads, especially for winter clothes, shoes, gloves and hats. And despite the dollars in savings offered, they are still not cheap. Quality never is.


Over the past few years, our Annual Appeal came to you for equipment for the band, emergency medical kits, those AEDs from last year, and this year, I appeal to you to help many of our folks who have very little funds for clothing. You may not know, but each individual we serve in a residence is only allotted $250 a year for clothing. Can you imagine what $250 would buy? One look at those commercials will tell you. Even as things go on sale, that amount doesn’t go very far. Just purchasing one item, a pair of sturdy winter boots or a warm winter coat, puts a huge dent into that sum. This leaves very little for the rest of the year, and it doesn’t always allow the people we serve to have a single special garment.


At AABR, we want our individuals to feel warm, safe and comfortable. It speaks to our creed, “may each life find meaning.” Feeling warm, safe and comfortable, are three very important parts to a life of meaning.  So once again, we ask your help to achieve this very special mission.


Our goal this holiday season is to create a fund of at least $12,000 to be dedicated to clothing for our individuals. We understand the pressure of giving at this time of year, so however generous you can be would be greatly appreciated. Please know that your contributions will directly help a number of our folks who came to us this year alone. A few came from their families’ homes; others came from institutions with little clothes or resources. Often, our staff is there to share, but your gift would mean so much to many of our folks in extreme need.


As you sit down with your friends and family this holiday season, we ask that you also please think of those served by AABR.


We wish you and yours a very merry holiday season and a wonderful new year. Thank you for your generosity and support!



Thomas McAlvanah
Executive Director