By Michael Rock:

Several key developments in disability news have been reported in the past few days.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill that would create a registry of care providers who have ever hurt someone with an intellectual or developmental disability. This registry would prevent them from finding future work at programs funded or run by Massachusetts’ Department of Developmental Services.

In Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo intends to privatize the state’s group home system in the budget for fiscal year 2021, which begins in July, as part of a plan to slash budget deficits. If successful, 204 full-time positions will be taken off of the state payroll.

Meanwhile, the state of New Mexico has begun taking steps to make services for people with developmental disabilities a top priority. Goals of the funding increases include expediting wait times regarding access to services, support for those who are on waiting lists, and greater reimbursement for service providers.

Michael Rock is a New York City-based reporter and self-advocate with autism. A graduate of Brandeis University, his work has appeared in Kings County Politics, Chelsea Now, Our Town, Queens County Politics, and WhoWhatWhy.