By Michael Rock:

Several scientific breakthroughs occurred this past week.

Brisbane, Australia’s Queensland University of Technology and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) published a study using statistical analysis to better monitor the milestones of children with developmental disabilities. The researchers involved hope they can use this information to help individualize interventions for them.

Meanwhile, the University of California, San Francisco released an investigation finding that the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R), and the Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS), three common tests to diagnose autism, do an equally good job at measuring severity of impairments in both boys and girls.

Westbrook, Maine’s Spring Harbor Hospital will soon be home to an immense training, treatment, and research facility for state residents with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Each of these developments will have their own unique impact on how we can better understand people with disabilities and their needs.

Michael Rock is a New York City-based reporter and self-advocate with autism. A graduate of Brandeis University, his work has appeared in Kings County Politics, Chelsea Now, Our Town, Queens County Politics, and WhoWhatWhy.