By Michael Rock:

The current news cycle has highlighted several cases of altruism towards people with disabilities.

Residents of North Attleboro, Massachusetts joined together to help town resident Ashlyn MacDonald, who has autism, get mass supplies of her favorite food that has become more scarce recently: Spaghetti-Os.

At Lake Geneva, Wisconsin’s Badger High School, classmates raised money to get an electric bicycle for Brooks Guif, a senior with cerebral palsy, to help him move around more easily.

In Arizona, various disability advocacy groups are working hard to address the barriers many people with disabilities face when trying to vote to ensure their voices are heard on Election Day.

Naturally, these are just a few examples of the many ways people can show altruism and kindness to people with disabilities.

Michael Rock is a New York City-based reporter and self-advocate with autism. A graduate of Brandeis University, his work has appeared in Kings County Politics, Chelsea Now, Our Town, Queens County Politics, and WhoWhatWhy.