At Water Street, AABR Exceeds Expectations Once Again

AABR Exceeds ExpectationsAfter a stellar review of one of AABR’s intermediate care facilities (ICF), the organization has once again lived up to its 62-year reputation of providing excellent services and care for individuals with developmental disabilities.
At AABR’s Water Street ICF in Manhattan, both staff and management received fervent accolades during a recent routine audit of the home, showcasing the gold standard practices exhibited by staff.

During the morning routine at the residence, staffers Marie Claude Joseph, Nadege Calixte and Shanelle McDowall provided exceptional care for those with especially severe challenges. There was conversation, spot-on anticipated needs for those who had difficulty communicating. and a flow of interaction as they shared breakfast. Staff took their role seriously in teaching tasks that involved showering, dressing, meal preparation, setting the dining table, and having the individuals become more independent in feeding themselves.

The review resulted in no citations of any kind, and the auditor offered their congratulations saying, “It couldn’t have gone any better”. Hezikeigh Elliott, AABR’s Director of Residential Services, stated “This wasn’t just something that happened at the time of the audit. In order for this to go so smoothly. this is something that they do each and every day.”

Our thanks and congratulations to the staff and management at AABR’s Water Street ICF, one of the many ICFs that AABR operates throughout the metropolitan region – Keep up the great work’