MSC to Care Coordination – Evolving to Meet Your Needs

MSC to Care CoordinationMedicaid Service Coordination (MSC) has recently undergone changes that will result in a more specialized, person-centered process than ever before. For over 25 years, AABR has been providing these supportive services to families living within the five boroughs of New York and on Long Island.

Now aptly named Care Coordination, Care Managers complete a “Life Plan”, an intense 4-hour assessment, for each of the 25 to 30 individuals with developmental disabilities they serve. The Life Plan is derived from the 1AM assessment, a concept which touches every part of the person’s life.

According to Kymm Elliott, AABR’s Care Manager Supervisor, “the Life Plan helps Care Managers and Service Providers know exactly who the person is, and what they want out of life.ยท Elliott noted that the new approach allows for individuals to have more of a say in what they want to do and accomplish. “This is a more person centered approach than ever before,” she said.