Taking Chances By Being Environmentally-Friendly

Marina Horan, CEO and Founder of CHANCES Environmentally-Friendly Products (EFP), a firm that creates employment opportunities for adults with Autism, knows first-hand the challenges and opportunities related to having a special needs family member. Horan’s son Joseph was diagnosed with Autism, and CHANCES EFP offers him and others the chance to learn real-world skills.

How did Horan link Autism with sustain-ability? “The idea came about organically,” Horan told The Advance. “I’m always thinking about Joseph and what he could do. I have a large Lavender garden and I dry the plants. I thought we could give our products as gifts and it grew from there,” she said.

According to Horan, the products offered by CHANCES EFP are made of ingredients that are put together by people with Autism. Products include Lavender sachets, sprays, “Sensational” Epsom salts, and Shower Spa Melts, to name but a few. Horan told The Advance that a Lavender Balm with Shea Butter was also in the works. Horan stressed that CHANCES EFP products are good for the skin, have aromatherapy properties and are good for the environment, but most importantly, buying these products gives people with Autism a chance to work.

This social enterprise, a business that uses business principles for social impact, employs people with Autism who have challenges finding gainful employment. Our hats off to Ms. Horan and her outside-the-sachet thinking!

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