Remembering Rose Weldon – Teacher, Mentor and Driving Force at AABR

Rose WeldonAABR remembers Rose Weldon (August 2, 1943 –August 2, 2018), a devoted and gifted teacher for over 50 years. Rose, the wife of Chris Weldon, AABR’s executive director, was a substantive force in her own right. While we all have birth and end dates, it’s what we do with “the dash” between the two that really matters. Rose Weldon was a person who made the most of her “dash”.

During the agency’s early days, she was a teacher at AABR’s Children’s School, where she taught children aged 5 to 21, fine motor skills. As AABR expanded, she developed curriculums for the organization’s day programs, even going so far as to work in payroll. She remained a constant force behind the scenes at AABR even as she continued her teaching career and raised their two sons. She actively supported Chris in his lifelong dedication to people with developmental disabilities. The love. kindness and humor that was Rose is evident in the lives of those she touched during the “dash” of her life. Many within the AABR family took the time to speak with The Advance to remember her lasting impact:

“My mother was a woman who loved teaching. Everything she did was 110%. Even when she was sick and in the hospital, she was learning more about her disease. She loved AABR and she loved my father. My mother’s spirit is still with us, but most of all she is watching ,ver us all al AABR.”
– James Weldon, Rose’s son

“She was extremely creative. As a teacher. she was always looking for new ways to teach. As much as she shared, she never stopped learning for herself. She was a true educator with a terrific sense of humor. She was a wonderful support to others. She was always right there. Whoever needed, that person was her sole focus.”
– Debbie Van Cura, Community Coordinator, AABR

“Rose’s intellectual curiosity, exuberance and commitment to empowering her students inspired my daughter who just graduated from college with a degree in Environmental Biology and Education. As she charts her course. Rose is a constant presence and inspiration. It was a privilege to know her.”
– Mary Uva, A Former Student of Rose